The perfect solution for venting your domestic gas-fired furnace, water heater or boiler



Includes RSD Fan, K150 draft controller, and LP5 pressure transducer

The DVS is the ideal way to mechanically vent domestic furnaces, boilers, and water heaters.  The DVS utilizes the K150 constant pressure controller and variable speed RSD high-temp draft inducer to maintain a constant pressure in the exhaust system to ensure the most efficient and safe appliance operation all the time.  The DVS can vent and interlock with up to 2 domestic appliances.


GFD – Gas Flue Damper

Add a mechanical flue damper to your domestic system for increased efficiency.  The GFD integrates with the K150 controller and RSD Draft inducers, to automatically open when your system is running and close when it is off, to prevent conditioned air from escaping, and prevent backdraft down the chimney.

KW USA, distributed by R.M. Manifold Group, Inc; Fort Worth, TX 76111