Barometric Draft Regulator


Up to 21% Increase in Combustion Efficiency


Up to 45% Reduction in Fuel Consumption


Up to 83% Chimney Draft Reduction


Up to 45% longer burn-time with same fuel


Up to 50% Reduction in emissions (CnHm, Nox, CO, and Dust)

Additional Information

Barometric Draft Regulators, also known as Barometric Dampers, limit the negative pressure in the chimney to a value that is ideal for fireplaces or other solid fuel, oil, or gas burning appliances. As soon as the draft in the chimney exceeds the set value, the damper of the barometric draft regulator opens and limits the negative pressure with the additionally supplied air quantity. The barometric dampers react to changes in wind, temperature, and pressure to maintain steady draft and combustion. This process is as simple as it is effective and achieves significant levels of fuel conservation. Barometric draft regulators pay for themselves within a short time thanks to the reduced fuel consumption and they are an easy way to save on energy costs both in private, public, and industrial areas. An additional benefit of barometric dampers is the reduced emission of pollutants due to a steady combustion process.

The Z / ZUK Barometric Draft Regulators by KW are constructed of 304L Stainless Steel and listed UL 378 – Standard for Draft Equipment, rated up to 1000ᵒF continuous, 1400ᵒF abnormal. The ZUK models also include an integrated relief mechanism for Gas appliances, while the Z models are intended for solid-fuel appliances.


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