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RSD Fans

High Temperature Exhaust Fan

The RSD high temperature exhaust fan maintains the necessary draft for all high temperature chimney, flue, and grease duct applications up to 2100 CFM. The RSD housing and impeller is constructed of 316L stainless steel, which helps prevent corrosion from the elements. The tool-less clamp and hinge provides easy access to the impeller for routine maintenance and cleaning.

The RSD is available in three sizes with three different controllers. The universal Fan Speed Controller (FSC) controls the variable speed of the RSD fan to maintain proper draft. The MUC controller can also control a mechanical damper and is wired with alarm contacts. With the optional H100 controller, the fan speed is automatically modulated to maintain a constant negative pressure in the flue as accurate as 0.01. Add an available rain-shield to block out additional moisture.

Optional Rain Shield

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